Grill on Ocean Avenue – Carmel (831-624-2569)
Reasonable – Casual – Varied Menu – Golf Atmosphere

Joe Rombi’s – Pacific Grove (831-373-2416)
Excellent Italian – Reasonable – Casual – We love it!

Mission Ranch – Carmel (831-625-9040)
Clint’s Place – Eat on patio if available – He is frequently there for cocktails.

Bernardus Lodge – Carmel Valley (831-658-3400)
Expensive – Highly recommended outdoors for lunch.

Fandangos – Pacific Grove (831-372-3456)
Excellent food and wines – more dressy and expensive than Jo Rombi’s.

Casanovas – Carmel (831-625-0501)
Great food and wines – Expensive.

Da Giovanni’s – Carmel (831-626-5800)
Exellent, varied menu – Upstairs on Lincoln St.

Tap Room at Lodge – (831-624-3611)
Reasonable – Casual – Golf atmosphere.

Stillwater Room at Lodge – (831-625-8535)
Outstanding food and wine – Expensive.


Also, there are several fish restaurants on the Pier in Monterey that are of reasonable quality and make for a nice lunch or evening if have daylight to enjoy the atmosphere.  Just demand a table with a view or go to another.